Virus Removal 
Laptop Repair

Virus Removal Service includes

  1. Removal of virus and deep clean system 

  2. Removal of malicious programs 

  3. Delete temporary files, temporary Internet files and history

  4. Remove unused or unwanted programs

  5. Install any missing Microsoft service packs/critical updates

  6. Perform startup and shutdown optimization

  7. Do a quick launch and taskbar cleanup   

  8. Install FREE Antivirus, Cleaner, & Trojan Remover Tool

  9. Reverse Blow-Out of Cooling System 

  10. Clean exteior laptop case/cover lid, keyboard & lcd screen

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 Virus Common Symptoms

   1.  The computer runs alot slower than usual

   2.  The computer  frequently restarts, stops responding/locks up 

   3.  The computer crashes, and then it restarts every few minutes

   4.  Applications on the computer do not work correctly

   5.  Disks or disk drives are inaccessible

   6.  You cannot print items correctly

   7.  You see unusual error messages

   8.  You see distorted menus and dialog boxes

   9.  Blocked out of your Windows programs

  10. Unable to access the Internet

  11. You click search and get re-directed to a different page

  12. There's a "automatic" virus scan coming up on your computer 

  13. Your files are missing

Note: These are just a few of the common computer virus symptoms      
Virus, Spyware Removal 
Virus Removal Is Our Specialty! More than 70% of our calls are for our Popular Virus Removal Services. We remove all types of viruses and learn about new threats on a daily basis. During our removal services we do not just simply run a scan and hope it is cleaned. lol We provide you with the best virus removal services there is to offer, as well as detection and most importantly prevention with warranty from returning.  We will go through your entire computer to ensure that by the time our service is complete you are 100% virus free.

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