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We make the repair order process as simple as possible, this is how it works, simply find the repair you are looking for on the list below, add to cart, then checkout with your credit card, after checkout is made you will receive an email with a repair release form (this form must be mailed with the laptop in order for us to complete the repair) Our facility shipping address is located on the form.  Then you simply package up the laptop and ship it to us, after we receive your laptop in we will ru dinostics and call you to approve repairs. We take care of the return shipping for free!  Turnaround time is approx 9-14 days from the time you ship to the time it arrives back at your door unless unscheduled repairs or non stock parts are ordered.
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Laptop Repair Options
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For the laptop No-Video Repair and DC-Jack Repair, you ship the entire laptop to us, we disassemble, repair, test then reassemble for the quoted price.  Please do not include the battery or power cord, you may also remove the hard drive if you choose to (unless we are doing an Operating System install or repair where the hard drive is needed)

Motherboards / Installation
If your HP motherboard needs to be replaced, no worries, we carry refurbished replacement HP Pavilion Motherboards. Our refurbished boards run very cool and will come with our upgraded cooling system pre-installed!. We stress test all of our boards before shipping to ensure longevity and controlled operating temperatures.

Important: In some cases a fresh windows installation wil be required when we install a new motherboard into your laptop. If you need a part specific board for a clean swap, please email us for availability.   

We use FedEx Ground for return shipping.  All items are insured against damage.  Typical transit times are as follows, East Coast 4-5 days, Midwest 1-3 days, West Coast 4-5 days.

Actual turnaround time from the day you ship your laptop to us, to the day it comes back to you is approximately 7-14 days.  We process your order within 24-72 hours of receipt, the repair commences within 12 hours of processing and return shipping 12 hours after successful repair.  Your laptop spends less than 72 hours in our facility before being shipped back to you in most cases. (certain factors can affect actual repair times such as stock part availabilities, holidays etc...)
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