Virus Removal 
Laptop Repair

         LCD Screen Replacement Service includes:

                     1.  Disassembly LCD Panel

                     2.  LCD Hinges Maintenance and Check Up

                     3.  LCD Signal Cable Check Up

                     4.  LCD Inverter Check Up

                     5.  Reassembly LCD Panel

                     6.  Final System Test and Diagnostics

                     7.  External Laptop Cleaning

                     8.  FREE Return Shipping

                     9.  One Year Limited Warranty 

          Notice: Please call prior to ordering to make sure
                      we have your model in stock.  . 
1-Year Warranty
Diagnostics and Repair Estimates are 100% Free

The Installation of LCD Screen is Included In The Price.

For mMnufacture's Original Laptop LCD Screen Replacement
Please call for prices. 
LCD Replacement 
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           Bad Inverter/ LCD Display Symptoms:

 1. Strange color issues in certain parts of the screen

 2. Screen looks like the backlight is turned down really low

 3. Strange color shifts, either in part or all of the screen

 4. Tries to come one, displays white, then fades to black 

 5. Strange buzzing noises

 6. Screen distortions--wrong proportion, strange position

There may be other symptoms, but if you have symptoms related to static, vertical lines/hold, the mouse becomes a blocky patch of black and white, etc. or anything related (for LCD or CRT) this is often software related.