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Laptop Repair

Keyboard Repair Service includes:

               1.  Replacing bad Keyboard with the newly purchased part.

               2.  Complete System Check Up

               3.  Entire Keyboard Check

               4.  External Laptop Safe Clean Up

               5.  Operating System Check-up
               6.  Final System Test and Diagnostics

               7.  FREE return shipping             
Keyboard Replacement
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Keyboard Repair 
Common Defected Keyboard Symptoms:

1. Most common problem is bad key or keys. In this case, when a user presses the key, it doesn’t register, or only registers intermittently. In most cases, the only way to fix this issue is to replace the laptop keyboard.
2.  A less common problem is that the entire keyboard stops responding. This can be a symptom of a defective keyboard, but can also be caused by a driver issue in the operating system. It can also be caused by a damaged connector cable, or one that has become unplugged. 

3. Another problem associated with laptop keyboards are stuck keys, or keys that stick intermittently. In many cases, this can be caused by liquid damage, such as pop or coffee  that has gotten under the keys causing them to stick.
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Does your laptop keyboard need to be replaced, or just cleaned? Proper cleaning and lubrication will restore your laptop keyboard to the snappy and smooth performance it had when new. There are several reasons why the keys will start to stick, spilled drinks, normal wearing off of the factory lubrication, weakening of the rubber pieces which give each key its snap action, and contamination by dust and hair. Affordable Computer Solutions can completely solve these problems and return the keyboard to perfect operation.