Virus Removal 
Laptop Repair

DC-Jack Repair Service includes:

               1.  Complete disassembly of laptop 

               2.  Inspect/Clean Internal componebts 

               3.  Reverse blow out of thermal cooler fan/element

               4.  Desolder DC - Power Jack / Remove access solder  

               5.  Throughly clean and purify surface of board   
               6.  Insert/resolder new or revised replacement DC Power Jack

               7.  Complete reassembly of laptop

8 Clean exteior laptop case/cover lid, keyboard & lcd screen

               9.  FREE return shipping
DC-Jack Replacement
Some DC Jacks have recently been revised and improved with single-piece positive contacts and a stronger casing/shield. It will last longer than the old one with a horseshoe-shaped positive contact that is connected to the internal contacts by pressure only. And the extra holes in front of this new jack are only cosmetic, but indicate the presence of stronger contacts. Although it looks different, the legs line up exactly and all dimensions are the same. This will directly replace the old jack. Dell now uses this version in their newest laptops.
DC-Jack Repair 
Bad/Broken DC-Jack Symptoms:

Note: Each case differes, but you will most likely just run across 3             possible scenerios.

1.  The DC jack has cold solders and needs to be resoldered                  (the most common).

2.  The DC-Jack has been broken in unseen areas of the jack itself         (common diagnosis is the wiggling of the jack with the adapter).

3.  There is nothing wrong with the DC Jack and it’s an issue with        something else onboard (uncommon, but it happens).

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